Welcome to The Filipino International Church UK

The Filipino International Church UK is founded by Rev Virgilio Pansacala in the UK with a mission of “Bringing Families Closer to Christ”.

News and Updates

Nurses’ Sunday Service 2018

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March 27, 2018 – Nurses’ Sunday Service (Evangelistic Event whilst  inspiring new nurses and recognizing the nurses dedication and hard work)   Theme: In pursuit of good health and spirituality   The event... READ MORE

Family Retreat and Kids Camp 2018

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May 28-31, 2018 –  TFIC Family Retreat 2018 The TFIC annual family retreat was held at Quinta Hall,Weston Rhyn, Oswentry, Shropshire, United Kingdom with the theme: Be strong in the Lord.   The... READ MORE

National Youth Convention Italy 2017

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August 8- 11, 2017 – NATIONAL YOUTH CONVENTION (Italy) TFIC yearly sends youth to the National Youth Convention in Italy. This year, Natalie Limon was sponsored by the church and together with another... READ MORE